Best Robot Vacuums For Thick Carpet

COREDY-R750 Best Robot Vacuum

Price $299.99
Dimension (12.8)(12.7)(2.77) inches
Bettry Lithium ion
Brand Coredy
Color Black
Srface Recommendation Thick carpet and hard floor


For hard carpets, there are bundles of vacuum cleaners in the market, but this COREDY R750 is best for you. You have to do nothing but start it and sit quietly. Its price is a little bit higher than the mid-price range, but it’s great suction power and uplifting abilities make this vacuum the best option for people. It is controlled by the smart COREDY robot app. It uses Alexa and the google assistant voice allows it to easily start and stop.  Its 2000 pa vacuum power cleans deeply whenever you require. The Boost-intellect technology increases suction power when it identifies the carpets. Dual-hall sensors, the latest technology, automatically recognize boundaries to keep robots only clean the areas you want. 

Spontaneously finds dryness and moisture on the floor to select the wet mopping system. This robot is best for a home with a pet as it has a perfect washable HEPA filter that can conveniently filter out the dust particles. It cleans all the rooms of your home from a single charge. As per charge, 3200mA lithium-ion battery of COREDY vacuum cleans for up to 120 min. If any error occurs or something went wrong COREDY supporting team will be always online, suggest the best solution, but this will be only for 1 year.


  • Its dimension is 12.8*12.7*2.77 inches.

  • The Amazon Alexa and the google assistant voice order it to start and stop.

  • The R750 robot is controlled by a smart app. This technology helps you to find it without any effort.

  • Dual-hall sensors identify 2*6.6ft boundary strips to let your robot clean only the home and the areas you want.

  • Its strong power suction (2000pa) allows it to clean deeply. Whenever it comes in contact with carpet, its suction power increases in seconds for best cleaning. This is because of boost-intellect technology.

  • When it leaves the carpet, its power suction becomes normal. Moreover, two large wheels help in lifting vacuum from floor to hard carpet.

  • Latest mopping system, including an electronically controlled water pump, detects the dryness and moisture, so you can enjoy the complete cleaning from an intelligent mopping system.

  • Its battery capacity is very high. 

  • It included a HEPA filter that can easily filter out dust particles, best for homes with pets.

  • Anti-collision technology changes its path whenever it detects the obstacle and protects the vacuum from falling.

  • One-year technical team support is available. If you have any problems while using the robot, supporting team services will be online for 24 hours.

  • This package included:

  • R750 Robot Vacuum cleaner.

  • Two 6.6ft boundary strips.

  • Mop cloth.

  • 4 side brushes.

  • Remote control (included two batteries)

  • Extra HEPA filter.

  • Cleaning brush.

  • Charging dock.

  • AC adaptor.

  • User manual.

  • App install manual.

  • Controlled by voice.

  • mopping system

  • 2.77’’ thin.

  • Dustbin is smaller than others.


Goovi by ONSON Robotic Vacuum,2000pa Top Robot Vacuum


Price $225.45
Color Black
Dimension (12.75)(12.79)(2.81) inches
Bettry Type Lithium ion
Surface Recommendation

Thick carpet, and hard floors


Now in this modern era, vacuum cleaners freed people from household chores. You can spend your time with your household via this carrier and revel in the agency. Goovi vacuum is one of the best cleaners for thick carpet. It is a remote control cleaner. It cleans deeply because of 2000 pa power suction. Automatic pressurization is one of the best qualities and because of this it absorbs dust particles that are harder to pull without any scratching. Low-grade design (2.81’’), detects the furniture, stairs and barrier. Number of cleaning modes helps with coverage of all types of floor. In the designated area it does centralized cleaning, and this cleaning is done in a spiral route in 2 minutes.

This vacuum also cleans the small room and takes almost 30 minutes. Anti-fall sensors and boundary strips in vacuum recognize the stairs and obstacles and protect them from falling. It is best for home with pets. Its battery capacity is 2600mA which means it is clean for up to 120 minutes. And one of the most important is that it is recharged automatically by intelligent sensing.


  • Its dimension is 12.75*12.79*2.81 inches.

  • It does not make any noise. It does not bother you if you are sleeping.

  • 2000pa power suction helps in absorbing the dust particles and debris.

  • Automatically carpet pressurization pulls the particles without any claw mark. This technology shows that this vacuum knows some particles are hard to pull.

  • It climbs up (12-15 degree) the carpet.

  • Its trash storage box has a large capacity (0.5L).

  • It has a lot of optional cleaning modes and therefore it covers all types of floor. Its multiple cleaning modes include auto cleaning, spot cleaning, corner cleaning, small area cleaning, clack setup cleaning, max vacuum cleaning.

  • Sensors in robots effectively detect the furniture, stairs and barriers. 

  • Anti- collision sensors protect it from unnecessary falling.

  • a 2600mA lithium-ion battery cleans for up to 120 minutes.

  • One of the most important features is that You do not need to worry as its battery is automatically recharged.

  • This cleaner is best for small spaces.

  • This vacuum is a remote control.

  • This package includes:

  • GOOVI F007C

  • Two 6.6ft boundary strips

  • Remote control

  • Adapter

  • Sponge filter

  • 4 side brushes

  • Welcome guide

  • Does not make any noise.

  • Climbs up itself over ledges.

  • Automatic pressurization.

  • Not controlled by voice.


Roborock-S6 pure robot vacuum and mop


Pice $329.99
Color Black & White
Weight 12.6 pounds
Dimension (19.2)(16)(6.2) inches


This Roborock-S6 vacuum is ideal for carpet cleaning.  This cleaner is Wi-Fi connected and controlled by Alexa, Siri, google home voice control. Its price is much higher than others. But it supports only 2.4G Wi-Fi. You can adjust schedules by using smart control. You can save different maps as it includes the latest Lidar navigation technology, which means it is perfect for multi-level homes. Z-shape cleaning assures maximum floor coverage. Strong power suction 2000 pa allows it to clean hard carpet and hard floors easily. And power suction boost when comes in contact with carpet. It moves onto the carpet without any effort. Scheduling helps in selective cleaning.

 The mopping system helps in thorough cleaning. Robust sound control system lessens noise without the risk of depressing power. Its main brush, side brush, all sided direction wheel, and washable filter make it fast and direct. Sensors prevent it from falling down the stairs, helps in detection of obstacles, furniture and protects it from damage. When the battery of roborock-s6 gets low, it will automatically return to the dock charger. When charging is complete, it moves back to leaving the place and completes cleaning.


  • Its dimension is 19.2*16*6.2 inches.

  • Strong power suction (2000 pa) lifts AA batteries and pulls the dust easily from a hard carpet.

  • This vacuum provides you quick cleaning.  Its suction increases (0.8 inc) when it climbs up the carpet.

  • A scheduling system is the best way to clean your different rooms at different times.

  • It does not make any noise as its volume is 69 DBs. It clears that this vacuum does its job without disturbing others.

  • Roborock-s6 controlling app, Siri, Alexa and google home voice control, control this cleaner.

  • Its dustbin size is 0.46L.

  • It can easily recognize the shape of the room and obstacles, so it can adopt the best way for a quick clean. Moreover, sensors protect it from falling and damage.

  • It has a water tank (180ml) and an alterable water flow system controls the water flow according to your need. It is changeable for different types of floor and is acceptable for mopping homes above 160sqft.

  • Lidar navigation technology contains high-precision laser navigation, saves multiple maps of our home in real-time, and Z shapes enable the utmost floor coverage.

  • With a single charge it cleans continuously for up to 3 hours, covering the 2152 sqft.

  • When its battery gets low, it goes back to the dock charger. When it completes its charging, it returns to leaving the place and completes cleaning.

  • It is controlled by voice.

  • It has a mopping system.

  • Its battery timing is high.

  • 0.8in lift over ledges.

  • Price is higher than others.

  • Dustbin size is smaller.


TESVOR-robot vacuum cleaner 4000pa


Price $400
Color Black
Weight 10.23 pound
Dimension (12.99)(12.99)(3.19) inches
Battry Type Lithium ion


Market is flooded by bundles of vacuum cleaners. All types of robot have different innovative technology for thick carpet. TREVOR-robot is the latest designed vacuum. Ultra-sturdy power suction (4000 pa) drives it to capture dust, pet hair, and screws smartly. Four adaptable modes (quiet, normal, strong, maximum modes) via app, so does not require to move on full suction. You can adjust different modes at different times. Alexa, remote and app command it to start. Ultra-slim body lets this robot clean thoroughly under coaches and cupboards. Up-to-date smart S shape moving style enables this cleaner for unblemished and intensive cleaning. Built-in susceptible anti-collision sensors keep away your robot from obstacles and protect furniture from scratches. 

By the way of the app, you can produce a real time map to permit you to monitor cleaning status and coverage. In-fact on your mobile, you can control this cleaner completely. Dustbin size is 0.6L and the triple layer filter makes it ideal for ample room cleaning. It has advanced mopping. System 5200mA battery capacity has the ability to clean above 150 minutes of constant cleaning and leaves our floor glowing. When its battery gets low, instinctively recharge and complete the process of cleaning. If there is any default or not working well, 12 months service is available.


  • Its dimension is 12.99*12.99*3.19 inches.

  • Thick bodies permit this vacuum to clean entirely under coaches and closets.

  • Alexa, Google assistant voice and app give orders to start and monitor it.

  • 4000pa power suction lets this robot pull the screws, dust, dirt particles without any damage.

  • Innovative sensors recognize the obstacles and furniture. Anti-collision sensors protect it from falling downstairs and prevent furniture and robot damage.

  • It has four alterable modes:

  • Quiet mode: select this mode when you are sleeping or the baby is sleeping. Mostly, night time cleaning.

  • Normal mode: select this mode to complete regular cleaning work.

  • Strong mode: select this mode for messy floor cleaning.

  • Max mode:  select this mode to clean pet hair, and big particles. In this mode the whole power suction 400pa is used.

  • Modern S shape moving design permits this vacuum for perfect and regular cleaning.

  • Dustbin size is 0.6L. 

  • 5200mA battery capacity allows it to clean for up to 150 minutes and refresh your floor.

  • Battery gets charged spontaneously when it gets low.

  • 12 months service is available if something wrong happens.

  • Controlled by Alexa, app and google assistant voice.

  • Four selected modes.

  • Ultra-sturdy power suction(4000pa).

  • Has an extra mopping system but a water tank is not included.


iRobot® Roomba® s9+ (9550) Best Robot Vacuum


Price $1090
Color Blaack
Brand ROOMBA S9+
Dimension (12.25)(12.5)(3.5) inches
Weight 8.15 pounds
Bettry Type Lithium ion


Roomba s9+ is today’s vacuum robot powered via iRobot Genius. Now, in the world of technological know-how you do not want to ease your residence with the aid of yourself . IROBOT has added the most effective and smartest robotics to ease your home, which can be managed via a cellular app or through your voice . Even if you don’t need to empty it. For your ease it empties into a disposable bag by itself. What you have to do is simply change the particle bag when filled. It catches 99% of pollen and mould allergen. Its groundbreaking science lets it to smooth deep into the nook and alongside the edges. It learns the map of your home, the place you desire to clean, and from the place you prefer to preserve.


  • This best robot vacuum comes with Powerful Suction of 40X, which is four instances increased than preceding models. .

  • Its Anti-Allergen system prevents pollen and allergens from escaping back into the air.

  • Its disposable bag fills up almost every sixty days.

  • Its contemporary navigational technological know-how allows it to examine the design of your home and construct a private map, which aids in cleaning.

  • It is enabled to clean deep into the corners and edges because of Its perfect edge technology. 

  • Wide rubber brushes are most important but they don’t get tangled with pet hair.

  • Its automated suction manager permits it to enlarge or reduce the suction in accordance to needs.

  • The computerized dust disposal device allows it to empty itself.

  • You can control it through your voice as it is compatible with Google Assistant, and Alexa.

  • Also Connected to the iRobot domestic app thru wifi.

  • Roomba s9+ is D-shaped whilst preceding fashions are disc shaped.

  • Effective cleaning

  • It is Ideal for each hardwood and carpeted floors.

  • Clean below the furniture

  • Cleans up in the corners

  • Easy to handle

  • Smart navigation 

  • Large debris bags

  • Suitable for 5+ room

  • Ideal for pets

  • Long battery life

  • Deeper carpet cleaning

  • Time-saving

  • Loud

  • Expensive

  • Slow Charging

  • Disposal bags have been replaced in the bin. 

  • Often gets stuck and needs a reboot 


Neato robotics D7 High Robot Vacuum


Price $479.99
Brand Neato Robotic
Color Black
Dimension (12.5)(13.2)(3.9) inches
Weight 8 pounds


Neato robotics with its distinctive D-shape style sticks out from the flood of vacuum cleaners. This design permits the cleaner to nose-out the dirt from corners and along walls because round robots cannot access the corners and most of the dirt accumulated in corners. D 7 innovative technology smartly navigates and maps your homes. Mostly, pet hair and some other dirt conceal in a dusky area that is not visible to the naked eye. Neato robots come up with an unusual D-shape style that approaches that area and cleans it better than other round robots. Other vacuums move randomly, making it difficult to complete perfect cleaning. Navigation technology and lasers allow this smoker to know what’s going on and draw an authentic map of your house. Using lasers, your robot detects debris in dark areas. Moreover, this allows your robot to navigate throughout the furniture and recognize the stairs. Do its cleaning job in a straight line, so it does not leave anything. 70% larger main brush allowing it to capture more pet hair.

Particles under the dinner table and areas where pets live.  Neato vacuum appears with zone cleaning. It permits you to pinpoint specific areas or you can make a schedule to clean it daily. Amazingly, set up and stop your robot from the Neato app, Amazon echo, Apple watch or google home. It’s your choice to choose any option to control it. HEPA filters trap 99% of allergens and dust mites. For numerous-story homes to clean, multiple floor plans require, make a floor plan for each individual apartment. It easily learns where not to go. Long battery timing (120 minutes) makes it wonderful. It returns to charge when the battery gets low and after charging it goes back to the left area to finish work.


  • Its dimension is 12.5*13.2*3.9 inches.

  • D-shape design lets this vacuum to clean all around deeply, get into corners, along walls, under the dinner table and area of the pet. This feature makes it different from other robots.

  • Lasers sharply detect what’s going on and see in dusky corners. It collects all debris and pet hair from corners and from places where these are difficult to detect. Moreover, the laser protects the robot from falling. 

  • No-go lines mean when you inform your robot no to go somewhere, it remembers that area and does not go there.

  •  It remembers the maps of many floors, just you have to make maps to set the schedule of cleaning upstairs and downstairs. Put up no-go lines on every story, so your robot stays out of trouble.

  • Its main brush is 70 times larger than others and permits this cleaner to catch pig hair and dirt more efficiently than others.

  • Sharp navigation technology allows it to move all around in a straight line, not randomly, and clean thoroughly.

  • Its dustbin capacity is 0.7L.

  • HEPA filters capture 99% of particles and mites.

  • Battery life per charge is 120minutes. When the battery gets low, it moves back to the charger and after charging, it returns to end its work. 

  • D-shape design.

  • Best to remove corner dirt and tiny particles.

  • Controlled by voice.

  • 0.7l dustbin.



Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Price $499.99
Brand Dyson
Color Black, Purple
Dimension (10.28)(49.65)(9.84) Inches
Power Source Lithium bettry
Model VII Animal


Though Dyson V11 Animal is not robotic yet it is the most powerful, and intelligent vacuum cleaning technology. For ease this model is designed with a stick or handheld shape, and cordless. It provides twice the suction of any other cordless vacuum cleaner. This model is designed for both carpets, and hard floors. Moreover, there is no need to change the cleaner head for different floors. Dyson technology is engineered to keep the home clean and healthier as it captures the small particles like bacteria and pollen.

Its stick/handheld design makes it quite maneuverable, which makes it easier to use under the furniture, or in your car etc. It is quite easy to maintain as it can be disassembled for quick maintenance or can be reconfigured into handheld to use it in different spots like stairs. It is suitable for homes with pets and carpets. It comes with a high torque cleaning head which automatically deals with the suction and power to clean different floor types. Its advanced filter traps 99.9% of the particles and allergens as small as 0.3 microns. Its ‘point and shoot’ mechanism provides a hygiene way to empty the cleaner. You just have to point it in the bin, and eject the dirt and debris into the bin.  


  • Powerful vacuum cleaner for carpets and hard floors.

  • Cordless, and can be reconfigured to handheld cleaner.

  • It contains an LED screen to display the battery level and cleaning modes.

  • It provides 3 different optimized cleaning modes (Eco, Auto, Boast), providing the right balance of power and runtime, for a variety of tasks.

  • Wall mounted dock, to store tools, and to charge it.

  • Automated suction and power control, based on floors to be cleaned.

  • Hygienic emptying mechanism, ejects the dirt into the bin (point and shoot mechanism).

  • Bagless

  • cordless

  • low cost

  • Can be reconfigured to handheld cleaner

  • Anti-Allergy filter

  • Battery powered

  • 60-75 minutes runtime

  • Lengthy recharge time

  • Runtime varies with the power consumption

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